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Standing Committees

with Chair Representation on Board of Governors (FY 2024-2025)

Amicus Poloniae Legal Clinic
Chair: Michael Zink

Amicus Poloniae Legal Clinic whose duty it will be to support the work of the Clinic in the name of the Advocates Society in cooperation with the PNA, the Clinic coordinator, the Clinic Chairs, CVLS and other organizations, and to assist in the recruitment of attorneys to provide needed pro bono services to the Clinic.

Award of Merit
Chair: Dr. Justyna Regan

Award of Merit whose duty it will be to consider and review candidates for the Society’s Award of Merit. The Committee will follow the following procedures and guidelines: The purpose of the Award shall be to honor an individual from the Greater Chicagoland area who has contributed to the advancement and progress of the Polish Community in Chicago in some special way or by a history of service thereto.

Constitution and Bylaws
Chair: Hon. Michele Gemskie

Constitution and Bylaws whose duty it will be to receive, review and recommend to the General Membership amendments and changes to the Constitution and By-laws of this Society.

Finance and Budget
Chair: Julia Jensen Smolka

Finance and Budget whose duty it will be to submit at the meeting of the Board of Governors in March, a proposed budget reflecting estimated income and expenditures for the ensuing year.  The Chair of this Committee shall be the Treasurer of the Society. 

Chair: Joan Smuda

Membership whose duty it will be to seek and solicit new members and receive and process their applications for membership in accordance with Article III hereof.

Chair: Alon Stein

MCLE whose duty it will be to investigate ways the Advocates Society can bring opportunities to earn Mandatory Continuing Legal Education credit to its members.

Joint Public Relations and Newsletter 
Chair: Kathy Bojczuk - email

Joint Public Relations and Newsletter whose duty it will be to publicize the activities of the Society insofar as they affect the public at large; to obtain due recognition of the efforts of this Society and its members; and establish and maintain proper and suitable relations between the public and the Bar; to edit and publish the Society’s Newsletter The Advocate.

Chair: Steve Rakowski

Steering whose duty it will be to consider all matters pertaining to civic or political endorsements for elective or appointive office and to make recommendations relating thereto.

Chair: Janette Strzalka

Welfare whose duty it will be to observe and perform the usual and customary services incident to the illness, bereavement or death of a member of this Society or of his or her immediate family.

Other Active Non-Standing Committees

with Chair Representation on Board of Governors (FY 2024-2025)

Casimir Pulaski Day
Chair: Hon. Jonathan Clark Green

Hospitality Committee
Chair: Robert Blinick

Installation 2025 Committee
Chair: Hon. Thomas Nowinski

Scholarship Fundraiser Committee
Chair: Kathy Bojczuk

Scholarship Fundraiser Committee whose duty it will be to assist, in cooperation with the independent 501(c)(3) “Advocates Society Scholarship Fund,” the solicit of donations for such scholarships and to make recommendations as to the possible recipients of such scholarships.

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